Philip Smiley

Philip Smiley

Philip Smiley is a London based artist who studied his MA in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Philip's work is inspired by the conflicts of his rural American upbringing in the mountains of Virginia and his present urban setting. The result creates a third space where nature morphs into strange anatomical and embryonic visions. The narratives and sub-narratives are woven through a web of obsessive detail some suggesting the boredom and isolation of unpopulated physical and mental space, while others create perverse meetings of nature and human interaction.

Philip has previously worked for Comme des Garcons, Burberry, Stella Mccartney, and Dazed and Confused to name a few. He is currently writing his own music under the name Smiley's Speakeasy, but also finds time to spin some records by Jacques Dutronc, Superwolf , the Monks, and the Modern Lovers.

Philip works and resides in London.


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